Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

I found an adorable blog (written by an adorable girl) at Loving Life With my Little Cupcake. I follow Jamie on twitter ( @4LoveofCupcakes )  and she's super sweet and cute and funny. So when she announced "Whatever Wednesday" - I was happy to hop on board.

The linky is meant to just link up cool people, no theme, but I've taken it one step further. This is a food blog, and as much as I love cooking and recipes, there's lots of other stuff going on, too, that I'd like to write about. So on Wednesdays, I'll write a Whatever Wednesday post. It might be food related, but it probably won't be.

So here we go! 

 What Happens When Two 30-somethings and a 13 y/o Get Bored..

I've been told that there are 3 things every woman should do with her hair in her life...

1. Go blonde
2. Go short
3. Cut your own hair

I've done the first two (no, there are no surviving pictures of the blonde era, thank God) and so when I needed a haircut but couldn't find the spare time, I asked my best friend to help me cut it myself. We met at my mom's apartment with plans to swim in her pool, but the pool was closed for cleaning or some such rot. Since we had nothing better to do, we decided to cut my hair. Lindsay's 13 year old daughter, who is way cooler than I have ever been, jumped in to help.

It's best summed up in pictures! First, I forgot to take a BEFORE shot, so here's just a random picture of me from a few months ago..

Ignore my crooked glasses, the Toddler likes to grab them, they're screwed.

I wanted it shorter, and "cool" so I just sort of let them go! Here's a photo collage..

We let the boy cut some... and yes, that's a Bic razor.... everybody helped... and look how gross my neck was!!

In the end, it came out cute! I really like it a lot! What do y'all think?

If you think I'm sexy, and you love my bloggy, c'mon baby let me know!
Regardless of how it came out, we had SO MUCH FUN. Even if I'd wound up at SuperCuts in tears, begging them to fix it, it would have been worth it. The whole process spawned my favorite picture of Lindsay and I EVER! Here it is...

That's it for Whatever Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up!! And thanks for your kind words <3

    Your new short hair looks really cute! I love my hair short and I've been asking my friend to come cut it for me but I think she's too nervous. LOL

  2. It was way fun!

    Oddly, I'm very uncomfortable with how many pictures of ME there are in this post. Yuck. LOL

  3. You're brave. But you look so much better in the "after" shots - totally worth the risk!

  4. Thanks! It was way fun.. I just lucked out that it looked cute, too!

  5. Hi there! Jamie is an awesome girl so I'm checking out your blog. Love it! And I love food! Would love the follow back at www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com. Txs!