Monday, February 27, 2012

Ain't no party like a smoked meat and tutu party...

We had quite a weekend here in FGLB-land. Tutus and Smoked Meat, people. It doesn't get any better than that, right? Oh, it does? Hmm... well don't tell me about it, I don't wanna know what I'm missing.

Big Guy's Mom and I took all the kids to the mall for a Cat in The Hat celebration... BG's mom is an English teacher and I'm just a nerd, so books are kind of our thing, so we were pretty excited about it - but it was a total disappointment. $5 to sit and watch an episode of the Cat in The Hat show on a television, and then stand in line for 45 minutes for a 10 second picture with a dude in a Cat costume. After standing in line for 30 minutes to learn that this was what the event was, we kept our $15 and took the kids to Inflatable Wonderland in the mall. This is where The Boy had his birthday party and it's GREAT. Guaranteed good time, rain or shine. It was pretty much gobs of cute...

I only got one pic of The Boy... he was GONE the whole timing, bouncing his face off.

Smoked Meat

While we were at the mall, The Big Guy and his step-dad were at home making... SAUSAGE. From scratch. The recipe is a big secret, not only can I not share it, I don't even know it. But The Big Guy got some great pics and said I could share those... and told me that the secret recipe involves Allspice. That's all he'd say.

He did say I could share the steps with y'all.

1. Venison from step-dad's hunting trips, pork from the grocery store, and beef fat from the butcher, rough chopped and seasoned up with the secret recipe.

2. The first grind. They grind it with the spices once, then fry up a bit and taste it. They adjust the seasoning and then grind it a second time.

3. You gotta keep the casings warm and wet.

4. Feeding the casings onto the stuffer. Big Guy mentioned that "It'll make you blind" - I don't know if that was a masturbation joke or just that it's difficult and frustrating. I didn't really care enough to ask him to clarify.

5. Feed the 2nd grind of meat into the stuffer.

6. Sausage!

7. The smoke.

8. Sausage hanging in the smoke house...

This sausage is NOT "fully cooked". It has to be cooked to be eaten, especially with all that pork. We threw a bunch of links onto the grill that night and ate it - it was DELICIOUS! I asked Step-Dad the best way to cook it, since I don't grill and he said to put it in a skillet with some water and let it simmer. Once it's fully cooked (no longer pink) then crank up the heat and let the water cook off. The fat from the sausage will sort of "fry" the sausage in the pan and crisp up the skin.

We've got more in our freezer and I can't wait to cook some up!

Have you ever made sausage from scratch?