Monday, May 21, 2012

How to have a clean house - when you're a crappy housekeeper

If you're a regular or semi-regular reader, you know I'm a terrible house keeper. I'd rather do just about anything than clean the house. I just flat hate it. Thing is, my kids are getting to an age where they want to have friends over, and frankly, I'd be embarrassed to have anyone in the house the way it is. It's not dirty, it's just.... messy. You don't have to call CPS or anything, we're not living in squalor – it's just fuckin' messy.

When the kids empty the toybox, it'll stay empty for a few days, and the mess will spread and spread and spread until I get fed up and throw them all back in the box. And the laundry... ugh. The laundry. I had everything clean and put away for about 5 minutes. Now, I just wash enough to get everybody through the next few days, and dump it all on the spare sofa in the living room, and we all pick our clothes from there.

It's awful, and I know it. Maybe it's a sign of maturity that it's starting to bug me? I don't know, but the fact is, I want a clean house. I want to hear a car in the driveway and not have to rush around shoving things under the couch … or sometimes, I just head out onto the porch and have whole conversations out there rather than invite the person in.

So this is my journey. I'm never going to be a good housekeeper. I've given that up. But I do want a clean house. So join me, if you will, on this new project.

How to Have a Clean House When You're a Crappy Housekeeper.

I'm going to share my tips and tricks and things I learn along the way, along with mortifying and terrifying photos.

I'll never be Donna Reed, but maybe someday she can drop by without me having a heart attack.