Friday, May 25, 2012

Put Down the Powertools and Hardware Store Giftcard..

So my Mother's Day Post got a lot of attention - which was cool. I hope a lot of y'all were able to show it to your dudes and you got the day off. I got exactly what I wanted - brunch (even tho I had to take Minion to the bathroom and change her diaper... The Big Guy was dealing with a Demon covered head-to-toe in red jello.. I think I got the better end of the deal) and then we ditched the little girls and took The Boy to see The Avengers. It was VERY FUN.

Now.. hoping to return the favor to all the dudes out there who hooked us up with an afternoon off, I polled my dude friends on my Facebook page hoping to put together a cool little "gift guide" like I see on other blogs, with links and groovy images and everything. I thought guys aren't sentimental, they get plenty of free time, and most dudes hate brunch. So they're going to want something tangible... a t-shirt, a tool, anything from ThinkGeek, stuff like that.

So imagine my surprise when 99% of the dudes on my list asked for some form of the same thing...

What is this magical gift? What is this concept that has united men across the country (possibly the globe) in their universal desire?

You ready? It's a two parter.. you might need to take notes.

A blow job and a nap. In that order.

One dude wanted plaster-of-paris handprints of his kids but he's a single dad and maybe has forgotten what a good beej is like.

So skip the big box hardware store and grab a tin of Altoids, drop the kids at granny's, and give him 5 minutes of quality time, and then you get the afternoon to yourself while he blissfully sleeps it off. I say it's win/win.