Thursday, April 11, 2013

His Lordship, Sir Wrongington of Wrongsville

In most relationships, the chick is usually right and the dude is usually wrong. Not ours. I fuck up a lot. Now when he fucks up, it's HUGE, but it's infrequent - so when the little silly fuck ups happen, I like to point them out. A lot. And document them. With photos.

We have an ongoing laundry issue where I don't do it. There are many reasons why - the first and foremost being I don't wanna. Add to that the fact that the laundry room is OUTSIDE in a creepy shack around the back of the house and the fact that I have to toddlers hell bent on destroying my house - I don't want to leave them alone to go do laundry in the creepy shack, and I don't want to take them with me, either. So... back with the "not doing it."

Him: Just leave them! They're not going to kill themselves in the two minutes you're out there.
Me: It's not them I'm worried about! It's the house!
Him: It'll be fine!

Okay then. Remember this.


Santa brought us an Xbox at Christmas and installed it on a tiny (low) table in front of the TV. I have suggested repeatedly that he move it, because the girls keep messing with it.

He says "Eventually".

Now.. in a perfect storm of WRONGNESS...

I went outside to move laundry and came back to the girls stuffing paper into the Xbox vent thingie. It was in there so far that I couldn't get it out, even with tweezers!!!  So we were without Netflix till His Wrongness could get home and fix it.

I would end the story there except I'm too honest for my own damn good.

I told him about this post and he explained some blah blah blah shit about sensors and remotes and some other shit - and where the Xbox is now is the ONLY place it can be and still work, at least till we buy some new furniture. So he's not ENTIRELY wrong. But whatever. I like my version better, don't y'all?