Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Rough Day Needs the Perfect Dark Chocolate Pairing

Some days are just rough. Today wasn't particularly bad, I can't pinpoint what made it rough, but I was just done. So while I normally limit myself to one iced latte per day,  today I had a second, and I fixed myself a little pick me up to go with it.

Want to share your own perfect pairing?? Head to the Ghirardelli Page and upload your own! 
The pairing of coffee and dark chocolate has to be one of my favorites. I love the sensation of the slightly bitter bite, soothed by creamy sweetness. Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate is is premium, intense, slow-melting dark chocolate with complex flavors. I'm obsessed with the 72% Twilight Delight -- it's got just enough bite to be sassy.

There are eight flavors to enjoy:

• 72% Twilight Delight
• Sea Salt Soiree
• 86% Midnight Reverie
• 60% Cacao Evening Dream
• Cabernet Matinee
• Hazelnut Heaven
• Toffee Interlude
• Cherry Tango

My morning treat of coffee and chocolate went over so well I needed a second dose by afternoon. It might be a spoke in my cycle, but I'm really digging salty/sweet right now, so I paired my Twilight Delight with these silly little peanut butter filled pretzels the kids love. It was amazing. Crunchy, salty, creamy, rich - it was everything a girl needs.

I'm super excited that Ghirardelli will have exposure at three events at the Austin FOOD&WINE Festival!! At the Grand Tasting they will be featured as the exclusive chocolate where you can both sample product and taste it  paired with a partner wine.

At the VIP lounge they will:
- Be featured as the exclusive chocolate
- Will be sampling product
- Will be paired with another wine
- Will provide massages to our VIP pass holders.

Finally, Ghirardelli will be one of the sponsors of the Sips & Sweets Desserts Party. I turned down a chance to go to the Food & Wine festival and I'm really kicking myself! If you're going, don't miss Ghirardelli!

What's your perfect pairing? Ghirardelli wants to see your intense dark chocolate perfect pairings. Show them off by uploading a photo to Instagram using #IntenseDark. Or, upload a photo directly to the Ghirardelli Intense Dark website.

When uploading through the Ghirardelli website scroll to the middle of the page and click on “Upload Photo”. I want to see what you've paired your dark chocolate with!

This post was sponsored by Ghirardelli Chocolate, but, as always, the thoughts, opinions and pairing are all me.