About Me

I'm a stay-at-home Mom of three, shacked up in the country in Central Texas staying sane through this blog. I love to cook, and fuck up create a lot of recipes. I struggle with simple recipes, like omelets, and like to wing it sometimes. I suck at laundry and it has taken over my home.

I'm klutzy and a dork and frankly, fuck up a lot. Instead of letting it get me down, I blog about it, and y'all reap the benefits - mostly the chance to laugh at me!

I think I'm pretty funny, and I goof off over on my Facebook page

I live with my kids' dad, we call him The Big Guy. He's large and hairy and a redneck, but he's also a great writer, film maker and amazing dad. He can be a giant douche sometimes, but since he pays for my coffee habit, I don't tell him that to his face.
Mama and Daddy
The Boy is my oldest, he's 7 now and finishing up first grade. He's brilliant, an amazing artist, and loves to create.

The Boy

Next up is The Demon... when she turned two, she was was possessed by a demon and hasn't been the same since.  She's evil, but hysterical, and even has her own Facebook page.
The Demon
The Minion is the baby. She used to be Sweet Baby but then she turned one and she's not so sweet anymore. I'm still nursing her and waver in my feelings on nursing a toddler.. it's the best thing ever, and it's a fucking pain in the ass.

The Minion

So welcome, and stick around. Feel free to poke around and read about how I lost our Christmas tree and where I found it, what happens when a klutz tries to smoke a joint, and my dream of owning my own taco truck.

I'm a Scary Mommy, a Wonder Friend, part of A Family Village, and I want to Keep Austin Friendly.

Thanks for stopping by and join in the fun!