Advertising / PR / Reviews

I am very open to advertisers, product reviews, giveaways, and promotions.

I consider myself a writer who blogs, and as such hold myself to a high standard of honesty. I will review your product, and if I don't like it, I'll tell you. If I can't say anything nice about it, I'll send it back. If I like it, however, the whole world will know! And I'll keep it, of course.

I will not endorse any product I don't truly use or enjoy, or is not in keeping with my blog.

I am especially interested in house keeping items and supplies, as well as food and cooking supplies. I am terrible at housework and hate it - so if you have a product that'll make my life easier, I will gladly shout it from the rooftops. Plus, I need a vacuum cleaner. (I'm just sayin')

I am a professional, and as such, expect to be compensated for my work. Yes, this is my WORK. Just like you are compensated for your work, I expect to be compensated for mine. The quality content that brought YOU to my blog is the same that brings my readers - and whatever infographic your client has hired YOU to promote is not "compensation" - nor is the pre-written content you want to "give" me to "draw readers" to my blog. I drew you, didn't I? I'm good. Content is never an issue for me - I have tons of great content.

You are good at your job - you found me and that's proof of that - but so am I. And you don't work for free, do you? I didn't think so. So please don't be shocked when your "free content", your "publish this post for a chance to win.." or your "hey can you please talk about my clients' thingie cuz I asked you to?" email gets filed in the trash bin. My rates are reasonable and open for negotiation.

When you ask me to work for free, what you are actually asking is for me to take food out of my kids' mouths or clothes off their back. (A slight exaggeration, but do you get it now?)

If you are a professional hoping to work with another professional, please contact me at evin at foodgoodlaundrybad (dot) com and we'll talk!