Saturday, January 24, 2015

Decor Help! Plus a Giveaway to Lush Decor

This post is sponsored by Lush Decor - all opinions are my own! 

Hey y'all! We're getting settled in the new house and I've finally decided to buy a grown up bedspread for our bed. We've had the girls in our bed since they were born so it never seemed worth it to get something pretty with all the bodily fluids that babies and toddler tend to spew - but now they're big and about to move into their own beds (hallelujah!) and I want a pretty, grown up room.


So when the folks from Lush Decor contacted me, I was pretty stoked. They've got really neat stuff and shockingly good prices.

Big Guy is not a helpful person when it comes to making decisions. We can literally drive around for hours trying to find a place to eat - he is very vocal about rejecting everything I suggest, but when it comes to him making a suggestion? "I don't know, I JUST WANT FOOD." So I knew having him "help" me pick out a bedspread would be... a chore. He liked a lot of the options but finding one we both liked, that fit in our room, and wasn't something ridiculous for a family with three kids and a dog to own took a little bit of negotiation. We've narrowed it down to two. One I love, and one I like, and one he loves, and one he likes. Of course, the two are not the same. I won't tell you which is which - y'all check 'em both out and come back and let me know which one you like in the comments.

Check out all their pretties while you're there -and if you see something you like (you will.) you can have this nifty code to get 10% off your order! LOVELUSH1

From the comments, we'll pick a winner for our bedroom (LOL that sounds dirty) and we'll ALSO randomly select someone to win a $200 gift certificate to Lush Decor!!! So make sure you leave your email address in the Disqus thing - it won't show up where everyone can see it, but I'll be able to get at it if you're the winner!

Here's what our bedroom looks like now (this is a lie, I made the bed for the photo, it never looks this nice.)


Now - here are two thumbnails - click on each one to go to the Lush Decor website and see them big - then come back and tell me which one you like!


Today is Saturday, Jan. 24 so I'll let y'all vote for a week and then pick a winner next Saturday. Lush Decor will be responsible for contacting the winner with your coupon code for your prize - they'll shoot you an email! 

Check out Lush Decor on Facebook and if you're not already a fan, like Food Good Laundry Bad on Facebook, too - that's where I'll announce the winner! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Be nice.

Today's prompt is Be Nice. (What do I mean by "prompt"?) and when I first saw it, I kind of snickered and thought "that's not really my thing." Then I thought past the surface. I'm snarky and kinda bitchy but when it comes to the shit that matters? I'm pretty nice. We need more nice in the world.


What do I consider nice?

Nice is teasing your gay friend because he made a typo on a blog post.

Nice is getting your girlfriends together and picking up garbage and then getting trashed on margaritas.

Nice is thinking "man, kids are dicks" while holding another mom's infant while she deals with her older child's freak-out.

Nice isn't perfect. It's not fake. It's not on the surface. Nice is doing the right thing, and ignoring shit that doesn't affect you. Nice doesn't have to mean politely ignoring your neighbor's dog shitting in your yard - it means not shooting your neighbor in the face over it.

It means knowing that a French cartoon doesn't do shit to affect your faith.

It means knowing the gay couple next door getting hitched doesn't affect your marriage at all (unless one of y'all is banging one of the neighbors)

It means knowing that just because the guy down the street likes guns doesn't mean he's gonna shoot you.

It means that some people like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and that's okay.

It means some people put beans in their chili. They're wrong, but we can't send them to Gitmo.

So c'mon y'all - be nice.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I'm gonna be honest - when I saw today's prompt, my reaction was "ugh." Not that I don't feel gratitude - I do, abundantly. I just hate this trend of broadcasting how grateful you are all over social media. It comes across as bragging -- either "look how much cool shit I have in my life" or "Look how down to earth I am for being grateful for the simple things" -- neither are my cup of tea.

I did a google image search on the word "gratitude" and even the images pissed me off. It's all so self-congratulatory.


I know this makes me sound like a flaming asshole - and maybe I am a flaming asshole. But I feel like people focus more on showing Facebook how grateful they are than they do actually being grateful. 

Whatever happened to just thinking "hey this moment is fucking awesome" and then carrying on? And I'm a serial poster! Honestly I think if anyone read my FB stream it would all seem like me bitching - why? Because when shit is good, I'm in the moment, enjoying it, and being grateful. When it's not, I'm bitching on Facebook because, as much as I mouth off, I can't/won't actually tell my children to fuck off. 

I appreciate the intent -- by sharing the gratitude, you have to make sure to FEEL it - but it seems like being grateful is the same as being gluten-free - it only counts when other people are watching.