Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meal Planning with HEB

As y'all know I'm a huge HEB fan. One of the many joys of living in Texas is being able to shop there. I use their weekly ads to plan my meals for the week, and share the meal plans with y'all!! Here's this week's menu!


Roasted Lemon Pepper Leg Quarters, Crispy Parmesan Ratatouille (seasoned leg quarters on sale for 77c/lb at HEB, and the Kraft Fresh Take packages are BOGO)

Shrimp and hatch chile tacos, refried beans, canteloupe (12 oz bag frozen shrimp $5, refried beans FREE when you buy pre-cooked ground beef, and canteloupe 2/$3)

Southwest Turkey Burgers, Mac n cheese, roasted broccoli -- (Jennie O ground turkey $1 off yellow in-store coupon, and the BOGO Kraft Fresh Take, 5/$5 Horizon organic mac n cheese, $2.98 organic broccoli florets)

Turkey Provolone Stromboli, cut veggies --( Buy 1lb deli turkey, get 1/2 provolone free, organic carrot snack packs 4/$5)

Taco salad - pre-cooked ground beef, chopped lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese and tortilla chips - (buy beef, get beans and cheese free)

Meatless Meal - Mixed Vegetable risotto and tomato basil bruschetta  (Organic vegetable medley $2.98, arborio rice $2 off yellow coupon, ciabatta $1 off coupon, tomatoes 98c/lb)

BFD (Breakfast for Dinner) Sausage, pancakes, strawberries (buy HEB smoked sausage, get hot dogs free, strawberries 2/$3 -- option - buy Eckrich sausage, get Lipton Brisk Bottled Tea free)

There ya have it! I hope this helps you plan your shopping for the week, or at least gives you some inspiration! As always, you can find me on Twitter or Facebook with questions, or just leave a comment here!

Printable Coupons from HEB to fill up your kids' lunchboxes!


School is starting in just a few weeks! Along with pencils, crayons and zipper bags, we need to stock up on yummy, healthy foods for the kids lunch boxes. HEB has your back and is offering some great printable coupons right now - run and get them printed!

Click here to print!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Junk - Moment Of Genius


I'm not great at a whole lotta things. I suck at a lot of shit. I'm really freaking awesome at meal planning though. I love my store, HEB,  and I make our meal plan based on the weekly ad. It works out since I shop on Thursdays and the new ad comes out every Wednesday. I'm also a member of a Facebook group called HEB Deals and MatchUps - my friend Kassie goes to HEB almost daily and snaps pictures of all the unadvertised deals, and matches them up with current coupons in the newspaper or online. It's pretty sweet! I build my meal plan around that.

Here lately, I've been lazy, and it's Thursday and I haven't been to the store yet and we have don't have anything to eat. I mean, we have ingredients to make food, but none of it goes together. We had bread for dinner last night. (Not as bad as it sounds - I made 2 loaves of fresh bread and we just "tasted" it so much that we ate it all and were too full for dinner)

So today, I really wanted to do the best I could at the grocery store, so I've printed coupons, collected coupons from other sources, and have my ad, and I made this super awesome meal plan based on those and the info I got from the FB group. If you live in Austin, feel free to steal any of all of my ideas, and know you'll get a good deal at your local HEB!

I shop two weeks at a time (minus milk and bread) so here's 14 suppers! To get any of the printable coupons mentioned below, click this link!

  1. Popcorn shrimp, onion rings, fries, salad (deal found on the FB Group - unadvertised yellow HEB coupon) 
  2. Sausage, kraut, potatoes (HEB combo loco, buy smoked sausage, get cheese and tortillas free!) 
  3. Party Tray, cut veggies (Hormel Party tray  printable coupon)
  4. Pizza  - (Jiffy crust,  cheese from the sausage deal, printable pepperoni coupon, fresh tomatoes from the farmer's market)
  5. Kung Pao Chicken (HEB natural chicken breasts, pasta from the meatball combo loco)
  6. Chicken with cucumber yogurt sauce, greek taters (HEB Natural Breasts, cucumbers on sale)
  7. Mini chicken parm cupcakes, pasta (Jenny O Ground Turkey coupon, Mozzerella combo in HEB ad)
  8. Asian cobb (We just have everything to make this except lettuce) 
  9. Wet burritos, beans, broccoli (Tortillas from the sausage deal) 
  10. Meatballs in gravy with mashed potatoes (Meatball deal, get free pasta sauce and pasta)
  11. Wings - Combo loco! 
  12. Steak, baked potatos, salad, rolls (Father's Day) (burgers for kids) (Steak on sale, burger Meal Deal combo)
  13. Lemon butter shrimp, panzanella salad (shrimp on sale in ad, leftover bread from dinner, market tomatoes) 
  14. Tilapia burgers, guac, oven fries (Combo loco - buy the burgers, get the guac free, deal on frozen fries found in the FB group!)
I use coupons, too, for all my toilet paper, tampons, bleach, etc - this frees up so much money to spend on the stuff that I'm picky about - organic meat, amazing vegetables from the farmer's market, the zillions of gallons of organic milk the girls drink, and cake pops. Because cake pops. 

This is my moment of genius. We've got a lot going on (fingers crossed for us, guys) and so saving money is super important right now - meal planning based on the sales is a vital way to save money for us!

Edited to add: Had a few requests for numbers - I get it - put your money where your mouth is, bitch! So I'm leaving for the store in about an hour, when I get back I'll update with a total - or follow me on Instagram  and Twitter (@evinschmevin for both) for real time updates as I shop!

What's your Moment Of Genius?? Link up!