Thursday, September 17, 2015

Where do you work now?

Holy shit y'all. The past month has been insane. The girls' started school (preK for Minion and Kinder for Demon) and of course The Boy entered 5th grade - and with no kids at home, the large bearded fellow gently suggested I "get a goddamn job already". So I did. And then one day later, I got a better job. But that job sucked so I quit. Then I found another job that paid more and seemed less dumb and I did that and then one day my boss started screaming swear words at me so I hollared back and well anyway - now I work for myself.

The good news? Each of these jobs gave me a couple shirts as "uniforms" so my wardrobe has doubled! The bad news: I realized I might be a flake.

Since before the kids started school I've been helping out a friend of my mom's - she's an older lady and an amazing author - so while she writes her masterpieces, I've been doing her grocery shopping, running errands, helping organize her house and decluttering, and just generally doing the shit everybody needs done and nobody wants to do. And guess what? I love it.

So I'm putting myself out there, and hoping other folks will want the same kind of help (and be willing to pay me for it, like she is!) and hoping to build a business around this. I'm working on a new website with details on the services I'll offer, and prices and what-not.

While I work on that, I'm gonna be blogging more because.. well, I have the time. Lucky y'all, right?! I've missed you guys.

Here's the girls dressed for school this morning - We take fashion and bend it to our will.

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I can't wait to see where this adventure leads me! I have high hopes.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's Play a Game

Y'all know we bought a house last year - and we're pretty down with the neighborhood now. We know where the potholes are (OMFG the potholes) and which houses are friendly and where to buy meth if we wanted (we don't. Probably.) There's one house though I just can't figure out.

I won't take a picture because I'd freak if a stranger posted a picture of my house on the internet but I'll describe it to you as best as I can.

It's a single wide trailer (usually 3 small or 2 medium sized bedroom home) and it's a faded pink or peach. It's not decrepit or falling down, but it's not brand new, either. It has a nice yard, but it's mostly packed dirt. It sits on a hill and I have a feeling the view from the back is pretty spectacular.

Here's where it gets weird. Every day, at all hours of the day and night (I don't know about at like midnight, but I've been past at like 10 pm) there's a bunch of nice cars out front. Different cars, different numbers. One day it was six cars, once ten, today it was four. They're not Bentleys and Mercedes but they're what I call "Texas nice" - a couple of expensive pick ups, some higher end American SUVs. There's even one car exactly like ours, that I've seen a few times, which I know is in the $25-$30k range.

The game is this: What the fuck is going on in that house? It's a very residential neighborhood, so it's not a bar or a store, and the cars seem to stay for at least a few hours. I thought maybe it was a daycare but the cars stay all day - and the cars are too nice to be a day-care-in-a-trailer's employees.

The cars aren't nice enough to be a high end drug thing, and too nice to be a crack house.

I also contemplated bible study - this is small town Texas after all - but beleive it or not, for all my heathen ways, I've been to my share of bible study sessions (some were even actual bible study, and not me lying to my parents to go make out with a boy) and none of them we're for 4-5 hours every day.

So what do y'all think?

Leave your guesses in the comments please!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Bacon and Brie Stuffed French Toast

Last week I worked on the food truck on Father's Day. We were trying to come up with a last minute brunch special, and I looked at what we had on hand and though.. bacon and brie... FRENCH TOAST. It wound up raining and we shut down early so we never made it but I couldn't stop thinking about it. When I saw brie on sale at HEB, I knew it was a sign. I bought the brie and some french toast and of course I already had bacon (Because duh.) and this morning I got to work.

I'm sure this is no surprise, but it was REALLY GOOD.

Before I share the recipe, I'll share some tips on technique. Cut your bread pretty thick, then slice a little pocket in it. Stick your fingers in the pocket and kind of moosh the bread to the sides. This does two things. First, it makes room for the yummy crap. Second, it makes the "walls" a little stronger so when you stuff the yummy crap in, it doesn't poke out.

Also - because the bread is so thick, to accommodate the goods, one piece per person is PLENTY. Serve with some fresh berries and hot coffee and you will be a brunch ROCKSTAR.

Bacon and brie stuffed french toast

Bacon and Brie French Toast
Serves 4

4 cooked slices of bacon, chopped
4 oz brie (about half a wedge - cut into 8 chunks)
4 two-inch-thick slices good french bread
1 egg
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 pinch salt

1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/2 cup powdered sugar

Slice a pocket into each thick slice of bread and stuff with some bacon and 2 chunks of brie.

Crack the egg into a shallow dish and add the cream, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. Beat with a whisk or fork until well combined. Soak each slice of bread in the custard for about 20 seconds each side. Place each coated slice into a hot greased skillet and cook until crispy and cooked through, about 5 minutes per side. Remove from the hot skillet and set aside.

Combine the cinnamon and powdered sugar and sift over each slice of french toast.

Let me know if you try it and like it - this is definitely going into the rotation around here!